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Our journey began in early 2021 when artist, producer, composer, Ed Addo, founded Acre Green. Since then, we've grown from a single studio in Cambridgeshire, UK, to a global presence, serving clients around the world.



We believe that individuality is key. Whether we're inspiring listeners around the world, supporting brands to create incredible visual work, or driving creative continuity, we always keep individuality at the forefront. 

We offer a truly unique model that specialises in creating impactful music that supports global talent, culture, and resonates in a modern world. In a time when brands and filmmakers have to fight against so much noise, authentic music is allowing brands to connect deeper with audiences. No matter the budget, the visual impact should still be world-class.

Our services include music composition, bespoke music composition, creative music strategy, visual music strategy, and consultation services. We're dedicated to achieving creative excellence from a vantage point of music.

Ed Addo - Trumpet shot / Black & White
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