Founded in early 2021, Acre Green is the brain child of artist, producer and musician Ed Addo. Started from his home studio as his family home in Cambridgeshire, the work secure has spread from the UK, to the Netherlands, Lebanon, America and spreading.

Acre Green is a global specialist music production company and record label with operations in the UK. Focused on producing top class culturally rich music for public consumption, brands, film makers and TV, Acre Green is transforming the way brands and visuals are absorbed by producing music that has impact commercially as well as personally.

Acre Green offers a truly unique model that specialises in creating diverse music that supports global talent, culture and the arts. In a time when brands, culture and community are closer than ever, the use of authentic music is taking connection to new heights. AG Services include music composition, bespoke music composition, creative music strategy, visual music strategy and consultation services. Acre Green aims to achieve creative excellence from a vantage point of music.

Whether the music is inspiring listeners around the world, supporting brands to create incredible visual work, or drive creative continuity, Acre Green keeps individuality at the forefront.

Individuality. Over. Everything.

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Recording Studio
Recording Studio