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Bespoke Music Composition

Music Tailored For You.

We specialise in creating bespoke music that aligns to your brands and story. We have a curated international network of awarded music producers who will craft the ultimate music to tell your story. 


Sign up, submit your brief and start using original music that is tailored for your brand and connects deeper with your audience. 

We focused on creating the best piece we can and have a simple process that makes creative excellence easy to achieve. Work with a dedicated producer from start to finish. Projects can be completed in days. 


Enhance brand performance with bespoke music that deepens your connection to core values and your audience.

Creative Efficiency

Easy briefing and workflow for speed and effectiveness

Creative Ownership

Ownership over all assets and build a brand sound library

International agility

Leverage our international expertise and maximise success globally

World-Class Systems

Ownership over all assets and build a brand sound library

How can we help?

Acre Green

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+44 (0) 7557 053 623

Music & Sound That Connects Deeper.

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