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3 simple reasons why we need creativity for change

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Change is ironically the most constant factor in our world and is everywhere we turn. In a world changing at a breakneck speed, we need fluid creativity and positive stimuli to help guide the wheels of change in the right direction. For as long as we have been blessed to roam this planet, human creativity has aided our growth as a race, as people, and within our communities. As a music label and agency working with visual creativity, we believe that the coming together of creative worlds is a powerful force that can really drive change and we pride ourselves on this. Much like when we see the ocean and hear the water lapping the shore, the combination soothes the soul, or how watching a powerful film while hanging onto every word can change an individual's outlook on life. These types of moments are created when creativity is allowed to breathe and express itself in a positive way. Here are just three simple reasons why we think creativity is essential for change to happen... Let's get to it.

The Catalyst

Creativity has proven throughout history to be a catalyst that inspires movement in daily life and culture. Products of creativity such as music, film, paintings, photography, food, spoken word, and more help us understand the world and our position in it through varied experiences and forms of expression. Not only can we have a better perspective of the world as it currently is, but it also opens up our eyes to what the future can possibly be. This becomes even more critical when we think about topics such as climate change, which is affected by numerous diverse factors. Directly related to climate change, if we look at a topic such as the impact excessive meat and dairy farming can have on our future, we then tap into a world where creativity becomes the backbone of change, and a vehicle to encourage individuals to make impactful lifestyle changes. Oatly, for example, not only makes a delicious dairy-free milk from oats but also pours creativity into their packaging, making the whole consumer experience more enjoyable. Their packages are highly creative with notes on the side about their internal company competitions, sketch-style drawings, and entertaining notes from their founder. Not only does this draw the attention of an 'on the fence' consumer, but it also makes that decision to purchase the product a touch easier. There is psychology behind this, but that is a topic for another article.

Deeper catalysts of change can be seen clearly through individuals. The BAME community has countless wonderful role models and leaders who, throughout time, have driven incredible change. Their impact on the world is long-lasting, such as Virgil Abloh, Kendrick Lamar, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Mia Mottley, Fela Kuti, and many more who, in their own way, have used creativity to stimulate change. However, there is always room for more, and we need it more than ever in today's society. Bring on the catalysts!

Evolution & Discovery

  • When we create, we learn and discover new information about ourselves and the world. The information that we discover is powerful as it holds the keys to our future and crucial information that we may not have found had we not explored the fertile minds of creatives. Discovery is what has driven humanity forward for centuries, and without it, our evolution may have been a lot slower, and perhaps even ceased completely. We frequently learn from historical narratives and scientific papers that document the findings that stem from creative exploration in the world or laboratory. We also learn from art as it is reflective of the time and the present. We can peer into true creativity, and it can tell us a lot about where the world is heading. Companies like Vollebak are creating stylish and sustainable clothing that is truly revolutionary, such as the world's first T-shirt made from wood. Yes. You heard that right... A wooden T-shirt. Creativity has clearly driven the incredible R&D team at Vollebak to discover the possibility of combining eucalyptus wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests with seaweed from Iceland’s North Atlantic Fjords to make a comfortable and soft T-Shirt. This is the type of discovery that shapes the future world we live in and keeps us evolving in the right way.

Challenging the status quo

  • We often find ourselves stuck in ruts that don’t serve us. Eating unhealthy food, not going to the gym, sticking to toxic relationships, not opening up to those close to us, being lazy, forgetting to enjoy the world around us. The same applies to our cultural situations. We fail to lift each other up in times of need, support corporations that hurt the planet, forget patience, and become blinkered to ways of living that keep us programmed. Powerful creativity shakes things up and awakens the true humanity that lives at the core of us. In 2015, Kendrick Lamar released his multiple grammy award winning album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. The song ‘Alright’ from the album has now become the modern sound to today’s civil rights movement. This song evokes powerful feelings of strength, faith, empowerment and believe that change is possible and is there for us. For the millions of oppressed, suffering and stifled people around the world, impactful creativity can change lives. Even thought creativity is one factor in the discussion, it certainly is one never to be ignored. Let's create!

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