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Kojey Radical gives the Hip Hop world a real 'Reason to Smile' with his fresh debut album!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Kojey Radical has finally released his highly anticipated debut album 'Reason to Smile' into the world. There are many words that we could use to describe this body of work, however the one word that sticks out is one used by the man himself on the track 'Silk'. That word is...STUPENDOUS! What an album! Just YES.

Having listened to the album top to tail countless times on repeat, we noticed wonderful subtleties within the compositions. The regular nods to 70s funk which most likely were a part of music that inspired Kojey growing up. Hard hitting beats that compliment hard hitting strong lyrics synonymous with the Kojey sound. The musical London family that have continued to surround him through the years such as Wretch 32, Shaé Universe, Ego Ella May, Lex Amor and Knucks all shine in their own right, and better yet on an album tied together with crisp production. However, this album has also reached international ears, pulling in heavyweight features like Masego, Kelis and Rexx Life Raj. It really is a big moment for UK hip hop as we are witnessing a leader in the UK hip hop renaissance movement making his mark.

Kojey has always pushed the boundaries of hip hop, with experimental sonic textures, spoken word as well as swagged out yet poignant lyrics that trigger thought and emotion all at the same time. Since 2019, his momentum has gathered, through hard work that has continued to gain fans, intrigue and popularity.

We are lucky to have artists like Kojey that stay true to the art and don't rush their journey for the sake of popularity that may or may not come. Artists that put the art and the message over everything but love what they do, allow the passion to feed into the music which ultimately creates change in our world. Changes in perception. Changes in thought leadership. Changes in creative pathways for future leaders. We must cherish them.

'Reason to Smile' is now out on all streaming platforms. You can also buy official merchandise, CDs, LPs hoodies and more on the official Kojey Radical Page,

Don't sleep on this. It's been years in the making and this really is the year of Kojey. In a crazy world filled with daily stress and angst, you probably owe yourself a treat. Plug in, turn up and discover a 'Reason to Smile'.

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