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Moncler x Pharrell Williams | The Art Of Terrain. Forever Genre Defining. Always Bespoke.

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"The Art of Terrain" marks Pharrell's latest collaboration with Moncler, following his work in August with Moncler & Billionaire Boys Club. This co-created range represents a beautiful fusion of urban fashion that seamlessly acknowledges the great outdoors. The collection leverages the Moncler Genius platform, which was initiated back in 2009.

Pharrell's creative genius shines through in this collection, pushing boundaries while remaining grounded in traditional sensibilities. This ability to redefine genres has been a hallmark of Pharrell's career, and it's evident once again in this collection and its associated launch.

The collection made its debut at a spectacular event in Milan, where Pharrell appointed the multi-talented artist and creative visionary, Toby Nwigwe, as the Creative Director. This collaboration resulted in a fashion launch unlike any other, leaving an indelible mark on the high-end fashion industry and global culture. The visual setting was adorned with exquisite details that replicated the great outdoors: lush grass, towering trees, and high ceilings that reached towards the sky, all set against the backdrop of a stunning building in the heart of Milan—a perfect representation of the collection's blend of metropolitan and outdoor aesthetics.

See Moncler's IG event Reel here:

“Moncler x Pharrell Williams draws from the wild with functionality pulled from the worlds of fishing, mountaineering, and camping. Architectural geometries meet natural forms. Shapes inspired by both the natural world and metropolitan structures take on a woodland palette.”

During the Milan launch event, dancers adorned the new collection's garments, with Creative Director Toby donning the standout camping cloak/duvet. The 16-minute performance was a masterpiece of choreography, accompanied by a bespoke and curated music medley that enhanced the overall feel of the collection.

Regarding the sonic elements of the launch, the music and sound design demonstrated how sound can create an unforgettable moment and captivate the audience. Most of the songs were specially crafted and arranged for the show, incorporating elements from well-known soul, R&B, hip-hop and spiritual songs. The use of Fela Kuti's "Shakara" was particularly effective and reinforced the theme of Black Excellence, evident through the all-black cast.

The show began with a powerful female vocal performance accompanied by a live orchestra, with the words, "Anointing... Fall on me," blessing the audience before the show commenced in full force. From that point onward, the audience embarked on a sonic and visual journey that felt free-spirited like the natural world yet structured like the city. It was poetic, and as Pharrell aptly described towards the end of the performance, it was an opera—a unique opera lasting just 15 minutes.

This marks a significant moment for high fashion and creative artistry worldwide. Utilising exceptional talent to craft a remarkable visual and sonic experience is a testament to the power of representing the brand's values and connecting with the audience, propelling the narrative further.

Watch the full launch here:

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