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Nivea + Acre Green: The Sound for a timeless product campaign

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Nivea used music from the Acre Green catalogue to support their month long TV ad campaign for the Q10 Power Day Cream. Being a household name in the self-care space and with a international reputation to uphold they need music that was timeless, definitive and trustworthy.

The song used in the campaign was 'Cartier' which was written, produced and performed by Fōrté (Ed Addo). Etherial synth chords open up the track and lead into a bouncy beat with smooth horn lines. The distinctive mood setting nature of the songs introduction was perfect for this campaign.

Top Stats

  • 94% TV usage in UK

  • 500+ Advert displays

  • 20+ Channels

  • 19 second avg. playtime

Read the case study to learn more...

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