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Scholl Shoes SS24: Bridging Past and Present in a Resurgence of Style Through Sound.

@scholl_iconic Instagram 2023

Scholl Shoes are one of the most established footwear brands in the world. Period. With a heritage that stretches all the way back to 1899, the brand has been creating iconic footwear through generations, with styles that have stood the test of time, earmarking the most iconic eras in fashion. However, as with any brand, continued growth and evolution requires bold creative decisions, considered strategy and foresight.

Acre Green partnered Scholl to help strengthen their brand identity by developing a bespoke sonic branding strategy. The focus was to build a stronger connection between heritage and a modern approach to fashion, culture and technology. Under new creative direction and brand leadership, the team at Scholl have embarked on an exciting journey that is taking a holistic approach to brand strategy with visual aesthetic, tone of voice and sound all working together to elevate the brand identity in 2024 and beyond.

@scholl_iconic Instagram 2023

When starting the sonic ideation process for the SS24 campaign, Acre Green worked with the team at Scholl uncovering the true intended feel and style for the collection. Striking the right balance between the stylistic origins of the iconic pieces (such as the sandals which have ties to the 60s and 70s), as well as newer pieces inspired by modern fashion and design was essential. Across the fashion industry, it was clear that 70s style was taking a hold, and major fashion houses such Chloé, Max Mara, Gucci, Miu Miu and others, dropping new collections inspired by the 70s, an era that Scholl had a strong foothold in. Pun intended, of course.

When creating a sonic style, it was important to consider the established audience loyal to Scholl, as well as fresher audiences who are yet to discover the brand. Sound can be a powerful tool when enhancing the communication feel of a brand, but it is important to ensure that when using sound, audiences are not alienated but rather honoured, and made to feel understood. To strike this balance we made sure that the production had to feel natural, authentic with well loved sonic feel that links back to the iconic 70s styling. On the flip side, weaving in an assured modern twist that feels timeless and showcases a confident stride in the direction of effortless modernisation.

@scholl_iconic Instagram 2023

The Sonic Moodboard is an essential part of the Acre Green creation process. This unique strategy allows for brand teams, who are not inherently musical, to understand the components of what goes into a sonic composition, pick out sounds that connect with the project, brand values and vision, and guide the creation process in the desired direction.

Following this process, the team took inspiration from Motown, using indulgent horns and sumptuous harmonic layering with the summer feel of Sergio Mendes. This coupled with a Nu-soul house production style, we created a track that felt familiar, fresh but undoubtedly classic!

Working with world-class production toolkits, we were able to design the sonic components to feel just right. Working with tape replicators, plate reverbs and analogue limiters, the finish was smooth and elegant.

Music today can often feel over processed and linear, whereas we wanted to capture the natural feel of instrumentation and sound. The wood used in some of the most iconic Scholl footwear was an inspiration for this. Wood is a material so well known, but not often used in modern footwear. However, Scholl has leveraged technology and design to deliver a product that lets the natural material shine, with user comfort and elegance at the forefront. This is a feel we wanted to bring across in the track, and did so with great results!

Scholl now have a bespoke track that symbolises the start of a new era that is set up for global use. The huge benefit of having bespoke sound produced is that is allows Scholl to have freedom to use great sound without risk of copyright infringement or complications across all platforms. Furthermore, this project has laid the foundations for a stylistic direction that will carry the brand forward through this next phase of stylistic evolution.

Working through the lens of music and culture has allow the team at Scholl to re-think their approach to the brand identity and has been an invaluable exercise. New avenues of thought have been opened with exciting possibilities for how the Scholl brand can remain iconic and stepping in the right direction!

Watch the SS24 Campaign video below!

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