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The Safety of Bespoke Music & Sound: Why It's a Better Choice for Ads and Social Media

Music plays a crucial role in the world of advertising and social media. It helps set the mood, create emotional connections, and enhances memorable visual experiences for the viewer. When it comes to using music in ads and social media, there are two options: licensed music or bespoke music. While licensed music may seem like a convenient choice, bespoke music, which is custom-made for a specific purpose, offers several advantages, including safety. In today's world, safety for brands is massively important.

In recent years, we've seen numerous legal cases and controversies surrounding the use of licensed music in ads and social media content. Unauthorised use of copyrighted music can result in hefty fines, penalties, and even lawsuits. Examples include the NFL in 2019 using unauthorised music in a halftime show which resulted in a lawsuit. Amazon Prime Video using music without the correct permissions in 2020, and more recently, Tik Tok who had a lawsuit filed against them for improper use of copyrighted music. If the big players can get it wrong, we all need to be careful.

Using licensed music requires obtaining permissions, paying royalties, and dealing with complex legal issues, which can be time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, bespoke music is created from scratch for a specific project, and the rights are owned by the client, providing a safer and more reliable option.

We've broken down some of the main reasons why bespoke music is safer to use than licensed music in ads and social media...

Avoids Copyright Infringement

Licensed music is owned by someone else, and using it without proper authorisation can lead to copyright infringement, which is bad news. On the other hand, bespoke music is original and created specifically for the client, eliminating the risk of copyright violations. This ensures that the music used in ads and social media content is unique and legally compliant.

Provides Creative Control

Bespoke music allows for complete creative control, as it is tailored to the specific needs and vision of the client or brand. This enables brands to align the music with their brand identity, messaging, and target audience. With licensed music, there may be limitations on how the music can be used, modified, or edited, which can restrict the creative process and result in a compromised end product.

Offers Exclusivity

Licensed music is widely available and can be used by multiple parties, including competitors. This can dilute the uniqueness of the ad or social media content and make it less impactful. In contrast, bespoke music is exclusive to the client, providing a distinct and memorable audio identity. It helps brands stand out in the crowded digital landscape and enhances brand recognition.

Simplifies Legalities

Licensing music involves navigating complex legal requirements, obtaining permissions, and paying royalties, which can be time-consuming, complicated, and costly. Bespoke music, on the other hand, simplifies the legalities as the client owns the rights to the music. This eliminates the need to deal with multiple parties, negotiate licenses, and manage ongoing royalties, reducing the risk of legal disputes and financial liabilities.

Mitigates Risks

Using licensed music comes with inherent risks, such as potential copyright infringement claims, penalties, and lawsuits. These risks can damage a brand's reputation, result in financial losses, and disrupt marketing campaigns. Bespoke music mitigates these risks by providing a legally compliant, exclusive, and unique audio asset that aligns with the brand's creative vision and marketing strategy.

In conclusion, bespoke music is a safer choice for ads and social media content creation compared to licensed music. It offers unique, exclusive, and legally compliant music that aligns with the brand's creative vision and marketing strategy. Now one point we want to mention before we sign-off is the time it takes (and cost) to have a bespoke piece of content made. Traditionally bespoke music and sound has been expensive and time consuming to have commissioned. This makes it exclusive to the brands and organisations that have the big budgets and lead times to create. However, this landscape is changing with the likes of Acre Green. We leverage world-class technology and have build tool kits that not only allow us to deliver bespoke music in unmatched timeframes, but at a highly competitive cost. Most brands these days plan their content and campaigns ahead of time, meaning there is opportunity for to plan for great music and sound to deliver exceptional content.

By avoiding copyright infringement risks, providing creative control, offering exclusivity, simplifying legalities, and mitigating risks, bespoke music empowers brands to create impactful and memorable audio experiences for their audiences without the legal and financial concerns associated with licensed music. So, when it comes to music for your ads and social media content, going bespoke is the way to go!

To get started with your own bespoke piece of music, get in touch with Acre Green today!

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