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This is Tennis: ATP - Bespoke Composition - A New Era For Tennis.

We are proud to announce a new work alongside award winning agency, MATTA and Milk Machine (Madcow) for the prestigious ATP Tour. Marking the start of the 2024 season, this bespoke composition represents a new dynamic being brought to the sport through fresh talent and rising stars, looking to make history.

Throughout the process, we created over 7 demos, exploring 3 sound worlds. Why so many? We wanted to nail the perfect balance of an assured composition that represented the strong foundations of the sport, while alluding to the changing and developing dynamics of the sport. Using our various toolkits, we were able to work quickly and efficiently with the agencies to develop sound concepts that refined the composition.

Music came before the voiceover, however, we knew from the start that there would be a voiceover. It was written in the initial brief. With this in mind, we needed to create something that had fortitude but not be overbearing. Director on this film is the incredible Blake Temple, who simultaneously was refining the shot list and storyboard throughout. Fast changes, atmospheric shots and crash zooms were all to be sonically accommodated.

James Massiah, delivered a wonderful voiceover with excellent poise, holding gravitas and attitude in perfect balance. Many scenes were filmed at the National Tennis Centre, where the Acre Green team captured sound, ensuring complete sonic integrity was maintained through out the film. Including for the full voiceover. Rather than doing so in a studio, creating a space where we could capture his voice on site made the most sense for the film.

In the end, we composed a beautifully cinematic track that starts somewhat ambiguously through synths, piano and cello, while James opens up to viewers with "This game has changed. It's moved on...". As the momentum builds, so does the music and drama. Rich strings bring depth and emotion to the composition, which layered with cinematic programmed drums and risers and an experimental percussive beat. Each sound was uniquely designed to balance with the tone and delivery from James. The softness in his voice meant that we had to carefully consider the instrumentation to not be too overpowering.

In the end, the track is elegant. Timeless. Refined. Strong. Much like the sport we all love.

Here's to the 2024 season! Good luck to the players.

This is Tennis.


Production: Milk Machine

Agency: MATTA

Director - Blake Temple

Producer - Harry Moore

Creative Dir - Francesco Loy Bell

DoP- Charlie Knight

Colour: Ruth Wardell Time Based Arts

Sound & Music: Ed Addo

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