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Trending sounds are dead: The Power of Original Sounds in Social Media!

Trending sounds have been riding high for a long time... but let's be honest... They are getting BORING!

Sure, there are some great songs that we don't mind listening to and hearing on repeat, but when the song becomes a 'trend', it runs the very serious risk of becoming painfully irritating. Unfortunately, some of the great music created for popular culture, such as recent hit 'Back on 74' by Brit award winners, Jungle, has started to burn out due to 'trending sound' culture. But furthermore, 1000s of brands started using the same song, killing brand personality and any potential for real unique impact.

So what is the solution??

Much like the considered approach taken towards photoshoots, product design and video content, there is a clear opportunity for sound to be used in an intentional way that helps strengthen brand identity. It's crucial to recognise that every part of the brand experience for customers is important, with sound being a major component of that.

We've listed 3 simple ways that you can easily start being more intentional with your brand sound:

Understand your audience! Probably one of the most important parts to developing any robust marketing strategy is understanding who it is you are wanting to make a connection with. This is massively important given the subjectivity of music and sound. Taking time to understand what your customer demographic looks like, and drilling down to what they enjoy culturally, day to day and beyond will give you all the clues and information needed to build a brand experience that connects on a deeper level. Say you are a sportswear brand, and you know that the majority of your customers are deeply into their wellness and health, attending yoga classes, sound baths, running and health foods... it may be worth finding sounds that are created with this type of lifestyle in mind. This could anything from acoustic music with uplifting lyrics, sound healing music, etherial instrumental music and more. Something that is unique and connects to the culture of brand is the goal... rather than the culture of popular opinion. Taking this approach will be felt by your people, and help you to stand out with something relevant, rather than the status quo.

Seek support to develop YOUR sound! Consideration is often applied when finding the right visual creative experts (producers, film directors, DOPs, Photographers etc) to bring an idea to life. However, the creative vision more often than not, will need to be altered when the sound does not line up with what was imagined. This is often the case when working with stock audio or sound that is plugged in last minute. Bringing a sonic expert into the process will not only enhance the final results, but will also offer a new dimension and allow for new creativity to infuse into the project, while positively challenging teams to think in more detail about the holistic audience experience. Working with a bespoke sound production service like Acre Green can transform the results your brand receives across channels. By crafting bespoke sonic experiences that align to deep brand values you put yourself in a great position to connect with people on their level, amplifying brand loyalty and personality of the brand. Your brand personality is part of the reason customers like a brand, so this should always be considered.

The brand experience is everything! The word 'experience' has been mentioned a few times in this article, and for good reason. The whole point of creating brand assets for your audience is to enhance their brand experience and help drive more connectivity. With the growth of experiential marketing, audiences are becoming more susceptible to branding that offers more on a personal level and pulls individuals deeper into that particular brand world. The more originality a brand can bring to the table, the chances are that your audience will enjoy the holistic brand offering more which in turn will impact overall performance from social through to sales.

Reach out to Acre Green if you're interested in exploring how sound could help transform your brand experience!

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