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Unleashing the Power of Sonic Brand Identity in Modern Marketing

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, a new powerhouse has reemerged - sonic brand identity. From catchy jingles to memorable sound logos, the use of sound has become a crucial element in building brand recognition and individuality. For years, this type of marketing tool has typically been mainly accessible to the largest brands with the biggest budgets. We wanted to take time to think about how sound shapes consumer perceptions, the challenges brands face in sourcing unique sonic assets, and the transformative role of advanced technology in democratising access to bespoke music and sound.

The Power of Sound in Brand Recognition

Sound has a profound impact on human emotions and memory. It possesses the unmatched ability to evoke powerful associations and create lasting impressions, which in today's marketing is incredibly powerful considering average attention spans are reducing and market saturation is increasing. Sonic elements, such as jingles, sound logos, and brand anthems, play crucial role in creating a deeper connection with consumers, fostering brand recall and differentiation. The concept of Social Entertainment has been well established with the likes of TikTok putting social video creation and entertainment in the spotlight, with an unavoidable link to sound. This shift has driven a focus on sound that most brands who weren't already investing in sound, overlooked or out of reach...

We've recently seen some great campaigns that demonstrate the power of Sound and Brand recall with campaigns by Brothers & Sisters for webuyanycar who created a catchy new song that remixes the popular Nightcrawlers 1992 hit Push The Feeling On, switching the lyrics from ‘It’s Friday then’ to ‘Just Sold My Car’. Or TikTok establishing a simple but distinctive sonic logo.

This level of marketing will not only help your brand elevate to a higher level, but also leverages sound psychology to do a lot of the marketing leg work. If your brand can use sound as an advantage then you absolutely should. It could mean the difference between gaining customers and their trust, over competitors.

Battling the Clone Wars: Breaking Free from Stock Music

If your brand recognises the significance of sonic branding, you most likely strive for uniqueness and differentiation. However, be aware, many have fallen into the trap of using stock music, inadvertently diluting their brand identity. The easy misconception is that, using sound other brands use doesn't matter... but the reality it does and it adds up. On social, you have to consider the consumer. A consumer will often see their experience on a social platform as one complete experience, especially when similar music pops up again and again. This is when the opportunity for differentiation plays a huge role. Delivering something fresh and new can transform likeability, shareability and most importantly, conversion rates.

Beyond social content, product campaigns, event campaigns and major ads, really deserve considered and curated audio. Sound will deliver incredible marketing power and should not be overlooked. After all... you wouldn't want another brand stealing your product design, video format or ad copy. So why would you sound the same? Sound when created in alignment with a brands values is hugely powerful. Stock music does not offer this level of refinement or identity control and ultimately there is a high possibility another brand will use the same music. Countless brands are now coming across other brands using the same music or sounds in their content and can't 'un-hear' this. That's why we want to help brand break free from stock music and take control of sonic identity.

Unlocking Bespoke Music and Sound

Accessing bespoke music and sound has been a challenging endeavour for most brands. Legacy music production companies often demand exorbitant prices or maintain exclusive agency relationships, limiting opportunities for numerous businesses. Our mission at Acre Green is to make sound and music accessible to all those that want it. Technology has opened up many doors across for what is possible with sound and music production which is a benefit to brands. Bespoke composition can be achieved seamlessly, in a timely manor with world-class quality and lasting impact at a realistic price. Companies like Acre Green are leveraging advanced technology within music production to democratise access to bespoke music and sound. We now have incredible advanced sound technology that can replicate the worlds most revered analogue music gear, dynamic new technologies that bring a new dimension to digital sound, innovative music plug-ins, apps and more. All of this advancement in the hands of industry leading music makers and producers creates a wonderful opportunity for brands and creative teams to do so much more with brand content.

To sum it up

The era of silent brands is long gone, and the power of sound in modern marketing cannot be underestimated. Sonic brand identity has emerged as a vital tool for establishing recognition, differentiation, and emotional connection with consumers. While challenges persist in accessing bespoke music and sound, innovative solutions like Acre Green are paving the way for a more inclusive and vibrant sonic branding landscape. Embrace the sonic revolution and unleash the true potential of your brand.

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